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Thank you for being so interested in joining the Bliss Team!

If you’re a therapist with a passion for sex and relationships, then let’s talk! 

We love Bliss!

We are a team of upbeat and enthusiastic psychotherapists and social workers, looking for someone to join our warm and welcoming community! Every member of our team is focused on creating an exceptional experience. We work and love our clients hard, but are also very laid back and caring with one another on an interpersonal level. We are a group of open-minded and compassionate people who find meaning in creating deep and authentic relationships with others. Whether you are connecting with our clients or other team members, we want you to feel bliss.

We hold space for our Clients!

We take pride in our clients! We are motivated by supporting our clients to achieve their therapeutic goals and to expand their thoughts on sex and relationships. We genuinely care and are curious about the intricacies of their lives and are invested in their unique journeys. We seek to understand our clients’ stories, how they understand their way of being in the world. We challenge our clients and offer support that is affirming and compassionate. We see our clients strengths and seek to deepen their understanding of self. We encourage creative problem solving and empower our clients to be the catalyst for change in their lives.

We value our Community!

We believe in the power of transformative relationships and knowledge sharing! We are a vibrant community committed to fostering connections with our clients, team members, and beyond. We celebrate all identities and communities, and provide intersectional, pleasure-positive care. We are absolutely obsessed with staying plugged into what is happening in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and up-to-date with anti-oppressive perspectives, concepts and language. We appreciate and incorporate evidence-based approaches to therapy as well as learn directly from BDSM & kink, BIPOC, disability, Indigenous, neurodiverse, non monogamous, trans gender & non-conforming, and queer leaders and communities.

We want the Best!

We care deeply about bringing the Kitchener-Waterloo area the best and most dedicated therapists! We’re committed to promoting the flexibility and autonomy of all team members. We believe that our best work is done when we pursue our genuine passions. Our Client Service Team are attentive to detail and diligent in matching clients with a therapist who is the best fit. We work hard and pride ourselves on being on our game as therapists and humans. We operate professionally and with integrity. We strive to continuously learn and transform as we deepen our craft and challenge our own personal growth. We bring the highest quality of care to our clients.

We invest in Comfort!

In our therapy offices, you will find a comfortable and relaxed vibe! We have created a space for our entire team to be their authentic selves in the workplace. Our team is composed of some of the most compassionate, non-judgemental and inspiring people. We are accountable to creating a welcoming, safe and inclusive space. We want you and our clients to feel at home! 

Minimum Requirements:

  • You’re passionate about the art of therapy;
  • You have a growth-mindset and are dedicated to deepening your work professionally and personally;
  • You are outgoing, highly personable and humorous;
  • You are thrilled to be working in a team and to be part of the Bliss community;
  • You are happy to participate in team meetings, peer support and consultation groups, in-service educational workshops and training opportunities;
  • You are accountable to creating a space and community that is compassionate, welcoming, safe, non-judgmental and inclusive;
  • You are invested in growing with and promoting Bliss Counselling + Psychotherapy;
  • You’ve received graduate training and supervision;
  • You are registered and in good standing with a provincial regulatory body;
  • You have a strong foundation in ethics, codes of conduct and standards of practice;
  • You have at least two years of experience in providing long term psychotherapy;
  • You are highly interested in working with sex and relationships or explicit experience, training or certification in sex, gender and/or relationships;
  • You are thorough in maintaining case notes and other documents;
  • You are ready and able to work a minimum of 20 hours per week (either in-person OR virtually);
  • You are able to work early mornings, evenings, or weekends to accommodate our clients’ needs.

You’ll be a great fit for our team if you have big ambition to make an impact, but would rather make a larger scale difference as a part of a team than do it on your own. Now that you know a little bit more about us, tell us about you! Please send us a cover letter and resume that outlines your experiences, skills, values and how you too have fallen in love with Bliss.

Check out our website for more information about our inclusive, sex-positive practice and the team at www.blisscounselling.ca. We can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Flexible clinic hours (7:00am-9:00pm, weekends);
  • Office availability in a charming older office that feels like home;
  • A supportive Client Service Team;
  • A collaborative work culture (where your voice and perspectives are valued!);
  • Peer support and consultations from a team with varying levels of experiences and training;
  • In-Service trainings and workshops;
  • Complimentary case consultations;
  • A strong referral base;
  • A reputation for high standards of care and inclusive, pleasure-positive in sex and relationship therapy in Uptown Waterloo and surrounding communities.

Salary: $80.00-$110.00 per counselling session.

We value equity! As we continue building our dream team, our aim is to have members that represent the diversity of our community. Folks from various life experiences (e.g., ability, age, appearance, gender, language, national origins, personality, race, SES, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, status, etc.) are encouraged to apply. 

We strongly believe in reflecting the diversity of our community on our team and offer inclusion-related initiatives! What are your needs? Let’s chat!

Please email: info@blisscounselling.ca

Let us help you find your perfect match.

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