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The specialists at Bliss are committed to quality, evidence-based therapeutic practices, provided in a collaborative effort with clients to improve emotional, psychological, spiritual and relational wellbeing. Bliss is about helping our clients to cultivate their emotional resilience, and resourcefulness, capacity to cope with stress and catastrophe. Bliss will help individuals to develop the strengths and virtues that make life more fulfilling, enabling our clients to thrive.


We enjoy working with individuals from all backgrounds and with couples and relationships of all configurations. Bliss is an inclusive, friendly, sex-positive practice that welcomes a diversity of relationship models, both those that fit into traditional norms and those that break the mould.

In our therapy offices, you will find a comfortable, and relaxed vibe that is non-judgmental and where we all strive to improve ourselves. If you have a relationship, life transition, career or personal stress, anxiety, grief, trauma, or family concern, seeking therapy is the right thing to do.

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