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An Introduction Written by Owner and Founder of Bliss

An Introduction Written by Owner and Founder of Bliss

I believe that our struggles are simply part of the human condition, everyone struggles with issues related to self-esteem, identity, navigating relationships, coping with various life traumas, managing stress or challenges in creating the life we want. Therapy is a healthy and proactive approach to dealing with challenges.

There are hundreds of reasons why I love what I do. I have seen what perseverance mixed with enthusiasm can accomplish and I feel honoured every day that I am able to support my clients in gaining clarity, feeling more confident and finding full satisfying relationships.

My primary goal in developing Bliss Counselling was to establish a premier resource in the KW community for relationship and sex therapy and tailored counselling services. This specialized therapy model provides support to individuals and couples while they work towards personal fulfillment and healthy relationships. In the development of Bliss Counselling, I pulled together like-minded therapists who were passionate about specializing in their designated areas of focus. I believe Bliss therapists offer clients a more tailored, engaging and enriching experience with therapy. Any persons wanting to improve the quality of their lives will benefit from Bliss Therapy.

The specialist’s at Bliss are committed to quality therapeutic practices provided in a collaborative effort with clients to improve emotional, psychological and relational wellbeing. I am committed to the continued development and enhancement of services offered by our confidential and comfortable boutique style practice.

Bliss Therapy will effect change by demystifying the stigma associated with counselling services and sex therapy. Bliss is about helping our clients to cultivate their emotional resilience, and resourcefulness, capacity to cope with stress and catastrophe. Bliss Therapy will help individuals to develop the strengths and virtues that make life more fulfilling, enabling our clients to thrive. It’s not about curing mental illness. The specialists at Bliss use evidence based practices to help individuals, families and couples to navigate crossroads to enhance health by reducing anxiety associated with relationships, illness, grief and loss, life stressors and life transitions.

I welcome you to get in touch with Bliss to book a free consultation today!

Sincerely yours,