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What is ACT?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – a fresh, effective, evidence-based approach to therapy and mindfulness. In ACT, you’ll learn to stop rejecting, avoiding, or shaming your feelings and, instead, accept them. Once emotions are accepted, you can take your power back by recognizing your values and committing to both aligned action and self-compassion. …

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)


  • The belief that negative emotions are wrong and must be fixed or changed
  • Feeling like you’re stuck in the same loop and unable to get out
  • Anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • All or nothing thinking and a tendency to generalize
  • Developing compassion and strengthening your relationship to self and others
  • Anger, blame, resentment, or inability to move through past experiences
  • Strengthening emotional regulation and the ability to see multiple perspectives
  • Building self-awareness and growing confidence
  • Healing trauma and post traumatic stress symptoms
  • Overwhelming stress from the workplace, relationships, or home
  • Abuse of substances or disordered eating


While every circumstance and person are unique, ACT is built on 6 core tenets that help you move forward towards your most vital, blissful life.

  1. At Bliss, we believe your counselling should be as unique as you are. We’ll begin by getting you matched with the perfect therapist for you.
  2. Then, you’ll get started with your initial session. During this appointment (virtual or in-person, your pick), you’ll connect with your therapist and share your current situation, what you’re currently struggling with and where you’d like to grow.
  3. From here, you and your therapist will begin working through the tenets of ACT. You’ll work together to embrace and accept what you’re feeling, identify your unique set of values and create a plan to commit your actions and behaviors towards those values. After each session, you’ll leave feeling more connected and loving toward yourself and with a growing confidence that your behavior and choices reflect who you are deep down. 


We know from experience how life-changing ACT can be. If you’re nodding your head yes to any of the points above, we’d love to help you get started.

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