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What is EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is a highly effective form of therapy for trauma. The goal of EMDR therapy is to lessen emotional responses and the impacts of traumatic memories and triggers over time. EMDR allows the brain to return and process these memories in a safe way using alternating eye movements, hand taps or sounds. EMDR is a complex procedure and can only be done by a highly trained practitioner. No homework is required in this approach.

EMDR Therapy


  • Processing traumatic memories and resolving traumatic experiences
  • Reducing emotional distress, anxiety and negative beliefs
  • Alleviating flashbacks, nightmares and hypervigilance
  • Desensitizing phobias, triggers or fears of an object or situation
  • Managing depression and unprocessed emotions
  • Regulating emotions and learning news ways of responding to activation points
  • Improving self-esteem or self-image
  • Grief, regrets, unexpressed feelings or unresolved emotions related to loss
  • Forgiveness and communication in relationships
  • Gaining insights such as greater self-awareness, knowledge of new perspectives, or a sense of personal power and inner peace


While every circumstance and person is unique, EMDR follows an 8-step protocol that is geared to treating the root cause of symptoms of emotional distress.

  1. At Bliss, we believe your counselling should be as unique as you are. We’ll begin by getting you matched with the perfect therapist for you.
  2. Then, you’ll get started with your initial session. During this appointment (virtual or in-person, your pick), you’ll connect with your therapist and share your current situation, what you’re currently struggling with and where you’d like to grow.
  3. From here, you and your therapist will begin following EMDR protocols. You’ll work together to explore and understand your emotions, thoughts, and traumatic experiences. After each session, you may leave feeling a sense of relief, as you alleviate emotional burdens and a change in perspective.


We know how effective and fast EMDR therapy is with relieving the emotional distress of trauma. If you’re ready to begin your healing journey, we’d love to help you get started.

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