mask Conscious Divorce: Ending a Marriage with Integrity
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Conscious Divorce: Ending a Marriage with Integrity

Susan Allison

If you are one of the millions of Americans living through or contemplating a divorce, you understand the importance of one managed with integrity — one that allows you to move on with your life without lingering bitterness, anger, or regret. In Conscious Divorce, Susan Allison, a survivor of the divorce process and a clinical hypnotherapist, offers advice that motivates you to view divorce not as a failure but as a transitional time when both partners can embrace the new direction their lives are taking.

Every aspect of the process of divorce — from practical financial planning to communicating with your partner, family, and friends to the importance of taking care of your mental and physical health — is presented in this empowering guide. Conscious Divorce is a valuable information source for anyone looking for the support and strength to face this phase of life with awareness, with patience, and ultimately with peace.

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About the Author Susan Allison

Dr. Susan Allison is a non-fiction writer and poet and the author of five books: Conscious Divorce, Breathing Room, Empowered Healer, Our Spirits Dance, and You Don’t Have to Die to Go to Heaven. She has just completed her latest book, Silver Sex, Finding Love and Passion after Fifty, One Couple’s Story. She has advanced degrees in English, history and psychology, has been trained in hypnotherapy and energy medicine, is an ordained minister as well as a songwriter with two CDs: “We Carry the Light” and “Universe of Love.” Currently, she is a transpersonal psychologist in private practice and uses shamanic journeying, hypnosis, process therapy and energy medicine to help her clients heal and transform. Dr. Allison shares her own life in her books, including how to divorce amicably, how to recover from grief and loss, how to connect with departed loved ones and spirit allies, how to heal and become empowered, and most recently, how to live passionately as you age. She has recently received “The Best of Santa Cruz Award, 2018” as a Psychologist. When she is not writing, seeing clients or leading groups, she enjoys a creative life in Santa Cruz, California. She can be contacted at

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