mask One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go
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One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go

Martin Boroson

Think of all the moments you “lose”: stuck in traffic, standing in line, waiting for a download. And think of all the moments you “waste”: working when you’re not focused, or fiddling with your phone. What if each of these moments offered you an extraordinary opportunity? In One-Moment Meditation, Martin Boroson distils the philosophy of time into a simple form of meditation that you can do anywhere, anytime. It begins with an exercise that takes just one minute per day. With practice, this takes less and less time, until it takes no time at all. Then each and every moment gives you a chance to reduce stress, refresh your mind, and open yourself to new possibilities. Playful, profound, and above all, practical, One-Moment Meditation teaches you that inner peace is not a distant goal reserved for saints and sages, and it doesn’t take a lot of time: it only takes a moment.

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About the Author Martin Boroson

Martin studied philosophy at Yale University and earned an MBA at the Yale School of Management. He is a psychotherapist and executive coach, trained in the psychology of breakthrough experience with Dr. Stanislav Grof, and is a priest in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen order. In addition to teaching the deeper meaning of Becoming Me in seminars and retreats, he serves as the Dean of Transformational Programs at Mobius Executive Leadership and is co-founder of The One Moment Company, which helps leaders find time for what matters. He is the author of One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go, published in twelve languages and featured as a thirty-day series on stress relief on He designed the 5* mobile app, One-Moment Meditation®, and the popular video, “How to Meditate in a Moment.”

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