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Group Hypnotherapy

Re-Charge & Re-Energize with our Virtual Hypnotherapy Group – Winter 2023

  • Are you feeling more anxious, panicked or stressed?
  • Is it becoming more of a challenge to let go of conflict at work or with friends and family?
  • Are you finding it hard to turn off your brain so that you may actually relax?
  • Are you questioning your level of happiness?
  • Is your energy low or are you feeling like it is more difficult to get excited and motivated?
  • Do you want to feel differently, but don’t really know where to start or how to make the habit stick?
  • Do you feel tired, but also want a fresh start to the new year?

With the right support you can learn how to:

  • Put anxious and stressful thoughts to rest
  • Tap into the helpful parts of your subconscious, to tune out unhelpful thoughts
  • Practice self-love and boundary setting 
  • Build your confidence and self knowledge
  • Connect more deeply with yourself and those around you
  • Create a mindful routine that will support you for long haul
  • Wake up each day feeling energetic, invigorated and excited for what lies ahead

Imagine having a warm, inviting, safe and supportive space to explore your mind, to reconnect with yourself and others who are looking for the same thing. The GREAT NEWS is that you can, inside our intimate Virtual Hypnotherapy Group: Recharge and Reenergize, Winter 2023. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for growth and change. Check out this introductory video or keep reading to learn more…


Prepare yourself to engage and participate in group discussions for 75 minutes, once a week for five weeks.

During this time, you will learn and incorporate a combination of Hypnotherapy,  MindfulnessCognitive Behavioural activities that will strengthen your ability to cope with changes, stress and … well… life overall!

Our facilitators, Lindsay & Stacey will teach you grounding techniques to create a deep state of relaxation and will dive deeper into your inner world in order to understand what is draining your energy and how you can begin to recharge. By emphasizing acceptance, kindness, and understanding toward yourself and others, Lindsay & Stacey will support you in developing greater self-awareness for your needs and in practicing self-love.

As a group, we will heal through the power of connection. By providing a private, confidential and safe virtual space, we will create a community of individuals who are seeking to come together to surround and support each other through our exploration of ourselves.  With the support of your group and the facilitators, you will identify ways to transform current unhelpful habits into more loving and supportive ways of thinking. You will learn how to connect to your wiser self and welcome alignment and balance throughout your whole system. You will also learn ways to think compassionately of yourself and others and how to set boundaries to maintain your inner peace so that you may travel a new path toward your most liberated self.

This group will provide you with weekly recordings of the Hypnotherapy Scripts used in session and additional resources so that you may practice what you learned, outside of your sessions.

Some of the most common topics discussed during this group workshop include:

  • Acceptance and Compassion for Self and Others
  • Anxiety, Fears and Panic
  • Blame
  • Body Acceptance
  • Boundaries
  • Communication
  • Depression
  • Emotional Regulation and Consideration of Multiple or Alternative Perspectives
  • Generalizations (i.e., all or nothing thinking)
  • Mindfulness
  • Past Experiences
  • Positive Thinking
  • Reframing Negative Thought Patterns
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Worth
  • Workplace Balance and Stress Management


Week 1 – Introducing the Course

We will begin our first class with a discussion about your initial interest in hypnotherapy. During our first class, we will dive deeper into your inner world to question what it is that drains your energy and how you are currently recharging. We will connect with others to share in a therapeutic space. We will practice hypnotherapy by integrating a 40-minute grounding exercise that is based in nature imagery and metaphors in order to create a deep state of relaxation.

Week 2 – Transforming our Habits

We will begin our second class with a discussion about common thinking patterns and ways to transform current habits to more helpful ways of thinking. Together we will transform the anxious energy of a worrier to the energy and loving presence of a warrior. We will practice hypnotherapy by integrating a 40-minute exercise that will focus on building a mind-body connection. This activity will include a combination of breathing exercises and nature based imagery in order to support your creative consciousness in discovering new and unique strategies to improve your energy.

Week 3 – Identifying our Boundaries 

We will begin our third class with a discussion on boundaries as a foundational tool for re-charging and re-energizing our minds and bodies. Together we will explore various exercises, as well as our emotional, physical, material, intellectual and time-based boundaries. We will practice hypnotherapy by integrating a 40-minute exercise on personal boundaries in order to find inner peace. This activity will include a combination of breathing exercises and nature based imagery.

Week 4 – Exploring Self-Compassion

We will begin our fourth class with a discussion about self-compassion. We will acknowledge that when we have energy for ourselves, we have energy for others.  We will complete a meditation and writing exercise. We will practice hypnotherapy by integrating a  40 minute exercise on self-compassion. This activity will include a combination of breathing exercises and nature based imagery

Week 5 – Learning Acceptance

We will begin our fifth class with a  discussion on acceptance. Together we will complete an exercise on living with emotions, thoughts, memories and experiences in order to find ways to acknowledge their presence without feeling overwhelmed by them or the need to change them. We will share how we have developed a deeper internal connection to ourselves and with others during the past four weeks. We will reflect on how we have re-charged and re-energized, as well as how we will incorporate what we have learned into our daily practice in order to live an invigorating life. We will practice hypnotherapy by integrating a 45 minute activity, which will guide us through a nature based journey that will take us along a peaceful path toward our most liberated selves.

Are you interested in joining us? Great! We would love to have you.  CLICK HERE to sign up for the next group.


When: TBD

Where: This is a virtual course. We will send you the link 30 minutes before our first session!

Investment: $500

Facilitators: Stacey Fernandes (MSW, RSW)  & Lindsay Kenna (MSW, RSW)

Size of the Group: This group will consist of 6-8 individuals. 

Coverage: For many people, group therapy with a Social Worker (MSW, RSW) is covered by extended health benefits. If you intend to pay via insurance, please let us know when you are signing up.

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