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Here Is A SMART Formula for Goal Setting!

Here Is A SMART Formula for Goal Setting!

By Bliss Specialist Kelly

Goals give you long term and short term motivation. If you add more structure and focus to your life, you will begin to live life more deliberately, on your own terms rather than simply reacting to life.

The quality of your life is ultimately shaped by the quality of your choices and decisions. Goals that range from the books you choose to read, the time that you wake up every morning and the thoughts you think during the hours of your days.

Here is the SMART formula for goal setting!

S = Is my goal Specific?

For example, you might say, “I want to be healthier.” However, that is a very general statement. Whereas, “I want to exercise for 20 minutes, 3 times per week” is much more specific.

Tip: It’s important to frame your goal in a positive tone!

M = Can I Measure my goal?

It would be pretty hard to measure “wanting to be healthier,” but it is simple to measure 20-minute workouts, 3 times per week. The more measurable a goal is, the easier it is to track. Similarly, if you track your progress towards achieving a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Tip: if your goal is a large one, breaking it down into measurable elements is helpful.

What about goals that involve inner-work, such as: self-acceptance, personal fulfillment, improved relationships or internal happiness? Knowing what something looks like, feels like, thinks like or behaves like is the ultimate measurement for deep change. Ask yourself, “How will my life be different once this goal is met?” “What will I do, be and have, that I don’t right now?” We need to allocate equal attention to our being needs in the same way that our actions meet our doing requirements.

A = Attainable: Is your goal within reason?

Your goal does not have to be easy, but if you stretch yourself is it something you could achieve? You do not want to set yourself up for failure and ultimately let yourself down. Alternatively, you will want to consider, is this truly as high as you can aim or could you possibly challenge yourself a little further?

R = Is your goal Relevant to your desires and life?

Is your goal something you actually want to achieve and that you are able to work toward? It is worth remembering that your goals should be relevant to YOUR life, not anyone else’s. Is your goal in every way, shape and form related or relevant to YOUR vision? Is this something that will truly bring you closer to your ideal future?

T = Does your goal have a good Time frame?

Thinking them is not enough. “Goals once in writing are merely our dreams with deadlines.” It is important to reflect and set a reasonable deadline.

Remember… fulfilled people do not spend their time doing what is most convenient and comfortable. Start making choices that you know are the right ones, rather than the easy ones! As Brain Tracy so beautifully says, “our goals allow us to control the direction of change in our favor.”