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Periods, PMS, and Planning for Pregnancy – Guest Blog from Dr. Chanel Cressman

Periods, PMS, and Planning for Pregnancy – Guest Blog from Dr. Chanel Cressman

Many of my patients come to me for hormonal support; from issues concerning the regulation of their menses, decreasing PMS symptoms, coming off of birth control, to preparing for pregnancy. All of these issues relate to the health of our hormones.

Regulating hormones can be a tricky business. From estrogen and progesterone balancing in the ovaries, to the impact of cortisol and stress, to the overarching function of the thyroid and its role in metabolism – these all play a role in how our periods play out. Deciding where to begin and how to positively impact these concerns is where the ‘art’ applies.

As an ND, I am lucky to have many tools for addressing hormonal concerns. From supplementation, to diet and lifestyle support, there are many roads to choose from. However, I often utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture in these cases.

TCM has been established for over 1000 years and was developed through the examination of live human beings. As such, the TCM perspective offers solutions that meet both the physical and mental/emotional concerns of a woman’s cycle. As any woman suffering from PMS could tell you, pre-menses can be an emotional time. So addressing both the physical as well as the emotional symptoms is a must.

If you’re interested in learning more about TCM or how acupuncture works, drop by the clinic for a free 15-min consult!

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