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We offer a wide variety of evidence-based therapeutic practices because we know therapy works best when it’s tailored to your specific goals, needs, and desires.


Providing tailored services is our speciality. Regardless of the issues you are struggling with, Bliss Counselling will utilize a variety of Psychotherapy and Counselling methodologies to ensure you receive the specialized support you are looking for.

  • Individual Therapy
    Make positive, lasting changes in your life.
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  • Relationship Therapy
    Make positive, lasting changes in your life.
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  • Sex Therapy
    Overcome obstacles and find the fulfilling sexual life you desire and deserve.
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  • Marriage Preparation
    Get proactive and strengthen your relationship so it lasts the long haul.
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  • EMDR
    Heal trauma and emotional distress with a revolutionary therapy technique.
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  • Group Work
    Grow in a supportive environment with retreats, group programs, and more.
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We believe the therapeutic alliance – that felt bond between therapist and client(s) – is the most powerful factor in the process of emotional and psychological healing.

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Whether you’re new to therapy, want to resolve a particular issue, or have a general desire to better understand yourself or your relationship, Bliss Counselling’s experienced team can help. We serve clients in person in the Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge area and virtually throughout Ontario.

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