If you didn’t know, today is a big day for Canada as marijuana is now legal on a national level!

Here at Bliss, we want to take the opportunity to both celebrate and provide some further information on this new legislation. Although cannabis has been legalized nationally, the laws surrounding legal consumption will vary depending on which province and city you live in. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your city. Some information can be found HERE.

We also want to express the importance of safe consumption. Like alcohol, the laws surrounding cannabis are intended to protect and support appropriate use. At Bliss, we want to remind our readers that the age limits of both alcohol and cannabis are extremely important in order to protect youth as their minds continue to develop.

At Bliss, we want to welcome our clients to speak with us about this new legislation. Whether you are interested in exploring cannabis use, or feel unsure about how to navigate this new legislation, we are here to support you! We feel that at this time, it is crucial to address the importance of having a healthy relationship with cannabis consumption, and we would like to encourage our adult clients who are interested in marijuana to feel comfortable speaking with us about this topic!

We are also willing to work with those who are interested in exploring their concerns about this new legislation, and addressing the difference between healthy and unhealthy consumption. Remember that there are community supports available to you to help work toward a better understanding of cannabis and the laws surrounding its legalization in Canada.

Are you interested in attaining your higher self? Feel free to do so with the support of Bliss Counselling!