Welcome to yet another Sexy Friday here at Bliss Counselling! Today we are excited to share with you another episode of “Sex Talk with Kelly”. During this episode, Kelly is joined by Jo Flannery (clinical sexologist), Dr. Martin Dragan (clinical sexologist) and Dianne from the Stag Shop!

Kelly and Jo start the episode off with an insightful conversation about sex after kids, explaining that you shouldn’t feel pressured to go back to the same type of sex life that you had before kids. The experience is new; so don’t feel pressured to force something that no longer fits naturally into your life.

Later, Dr. Dragan discusses desire, “You don’t go to a movie just to watch the ten minute climax. This should be the same with sex. It doesn’t need to be goal-oriented. It’s about continuously building on the dynamic and focusing on the experience throughout”.

Hmm, sounds pretty similar to what Kelly was saying in last week’s Sexy Friday blog post. Great minds think alike!

To wrap up the session, Dianne from the Stag Shop joins Kelly to give the 4-1-1 on anal play and sex for beginners, from lube to beads and everything in between!


To watch the full episode and get some fun and sexy tips, click HERE!


We are delighted that you’ve taken the time to check out our Sexy Friday blog and open your mind to a world of spicy possibilities! Keep your eye out for next week’s Sexy Friday!


Guest information:

Jo Flannery

Twitter: @SEXOLOGYMag

Instagram: @sexologyint

Dr. Martin Dragan

Twitter: @martindragan


Twitter: @stagshop

Instagram: @stagshop


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