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Sexy Friday: Toddlers & Sex Positivity, Attachment and Dialogue


Thank God It’s Sexy Friday!!

This week, indulge in another episode of “Sex Talk with Kelly” to learn more about raising children in a sex positive environment, and the importance of healthy sex dialogue to help re-spark that romantic attraction! In this episode, Jo Flannery (clinical sexologist) will join Kelly once again, along with a new guest, Anna Gold (relationship therapist).

In order to encourage sex positivity among toddlers, Jo Flannery suggests ‘no judgment zones’ and emphasizes the importance of using the correct terminology when speaking to our toddlers.

Anna Gold addresses issues with the Hollywood idea of a romantic sex life, and emphasizes the importance of real love, and how this can help re-spark a romantic attraction with your partner. She also reinforces the importance of maintaining healthy sexual dialogue with your partner, how to have ‘the talk’, and the importance of creating safe spaces to engage in these discussions.

Interested in learning more about what these specialists have to say? Check out the full episode HERE!


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Guest Information:

Jo Flannery

Twitter: @SEXOLOGYMag

Instagram: @sexologyint

Anna Gold

Twitter: @SOCounselling

Instagram: @socc_imago


Sexy Friday: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Intimacy and Desire

Hello and welcome to our Sexy Friday blog series, where Bliss Sexologists will share their extensive knowledge on all things sex! With this new blog series, we hope to take you on a sexploration into uncharted territory, guiding and educating you on all things sex and relationships! Within this series you’ll find links to videos from Kelly McDonnell-Arnold’s “Sex Talk with Kelly”, produced by Rogers TV. You’ll also have access to podcasts and other valuable resources provided by our talented and knowledgeable team! We hope you enjoy this series and look forward to your feedback!

Let’s get this Sexy Friday started!

Today, our blog includes a link to an episode of “Sex Talk with Kelly”, where Dr. Martin Dragan and Jo Flannery join Kelly to discuss pelvic floor physiotherapy, desire and intimacy, and how to start a positive conversation about sex with your partner. Dr. Dragan is a clinical sexologist with a Doctorate in Human Sexuality (DHS). Jo Flannery is also a clinical sexologist and marriage and family therapist, and Co-Founder of Sexology International.

Kelly and Dr. Dragan discuss the value of combining both pelvic floor physiotherapy and sex therapy in order to help clients improve blood flow and to determine what makes them anxious and/or tense, with the ultimate goal being to increase sexual desire and functioning. Dr. Dragan also emphasizes the value of pelvic floor physiotherapy for both men and women, and the benefits it has on overall physical health and sexual pleasure.

Later in the episode, Kelly and Jo have an insightful discussion about the vulnerability that is experienced by many individuals when engaging in discussions of sex with their partner. Jo explains that there are dos and don’ts when it comes to discussions of sex with your partner(s). Most importantly, she articulates that this conversation should never happen during sex, as this is a moment in which you are both most vulnerable. Instead, waiting until you are both in a comfortable space both physically and mentally will ensure that the conversation is productive, not destructive.

To hear more advice from Kelly, Jo Flannery and Dr. Dragan, click here!


We are delighted that you’ve taken the time to check out our Sexy Friday blog. Hopefully you learned something new and exciting to make your weekend that much more special! Keep your eye out for next week’s Sexy Friday!

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