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Heather Craig

Pronouns: Fluid • M.Ed, MSc, RP

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Heather Craig

Meet Heather

I'm the therapist for you if:

  • You’re 2SLGBTQIA+ and would like to explore your identity without an expectation of finding a label
  • You’re looking to reconnect with your sense of sexuality in a way that works for you, whether that's through consensual non-monogamy, kink, or finding a healthy partnership
  • You would like to explore your options for change and to receive resources that may support you along your way
  • You would like a conversational approach to treatment that places your needs, goals and emotions at the forefront

Session Types: Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Sex Therapy

Availability: Virtual & In-Person

Specialties: BDSM & Kink, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Emotional Regulation & Expansion, Grief & Loss, Identity

Approaches: Attachment Based Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Grief Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Integrative Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Relational Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Trauma Informed Therapy

Heather's Bio

Favouring dialogic and narrative therapy methods, Heather creates a collaborative space where folks can explore options and move towards creating change.  She also draws from Solutions Focused Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy to help clients identify their patterns, better understanding themselves and those around them.  Grounded in curiosity and compassion, sessions tend to be highly conversational and relaxed, with an equal focus on emotions and rationality.  A guiding question in her work is simple:  How do you feel, and what do you want to do about that?  

As a queer practitioner, Heather is well versed in issues facing 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and the pressure that can come with being a model minority.  Particularly familiar with questioning one’s place on the gender spectrum when you don’t fit neatly into any labels, Heather is happy to work with individuals whose journey may not reflect a standard transition narrative.

Before moving into therapy, Heather worked as a sexuality educator focusing on consent, desire, and communication.  She’s been coaching folks looking to reconnect to their sense of sexuality, navigating finding healthy partnerships or exploring new facets of their desires since 2013, and running workshops since her undergraduate days.  Her work is trauma-informed, sex-positive, kink positive and supportive of consensual non-monogamy.  Actively anti-racist, she strives to keep her work culturally-informed and anti-oppressive.

Many Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and extended health care plans will cover services rendered by a Registered Psychotherapist.

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