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Sergius Semuyeh

Pronouns: he/him/his • MSW, RSW

Sergius Semuyeh

Therapist at a Glance

I'm the therapist for you if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges in your life and would like another outlet to rest your burdens
  • You’re solution focused, eager and motivated to make quick and lasting positive changes in your life
  • You’re committed to learning therapeutic tools and techniques that will support you in reaching your ultimate potential

Session Types: Individual Therapy

Availability: Virtual

Specialties: Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and substance use, Anger management, Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, Emotional regulation, Low self esteem, Motivation, Newcomers to Canada, Parenting conflict, Refugee families, Racial experiences, Trauma, Youths involved with the criminal Justice system, ADHD,OCD,ODD and ASD

Approaches: CBT, MI, Solution Focused Therapy, Signs of Safety(SOS),Trauma Informed Practice, Narrative Therapy, Person Centred and Holistic Practice

Favorite Resources:

I focus on keeping up with the latest research through reading books and journals. The book that I default to personally is On Becoming a Person by Carl Rogers. Within therapy I default to the: The Happiness Trap-Stop Struggling by Russ Harris. I also use therapy aid for more resources.

Sergius's Bio

Sergius started his career in 2013 by providing therapeutic counselling at Horizons for Youths with mental health needs and involvement with the criminal justice system in Toronto. Sergius went on to provide informal counselling and support to refugee families and newcomers to Canada who have experienced trauma, chaos, and/or post-traumatic stress symptoms. Sergius also has experience working with clients who experience anxiety and depression. Sergius is able to assess the risks and strengths of families to build their capacities to care for their children.

Sergius is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a counselling modality that can help folks embrace the life they want, change their thought processes and situational reactions. Sergius takes a client-centred approach, which considers each person’s unique cultural background and family history. He is committed to creating a safe, open, trusting and non-judgemental environment for any client he sees and treats them holistically. Sergius recognizes the vulnerability and bravery it takes for clients to seek counselling and psychotherapy services and feels privileged in doing such an important work.

Many Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and extended health care plans will cover services rendered by a Registered Social Worker.

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