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What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

It’s a mouthful, right? Despite its complex-sounding name, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a highly-accessible, productive, fresh approach to therapy. It utilizes self-discovery, acknowledgement, and analysis in a modern way to help you learn how your past has shaped your present so you can create a mindful future.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy


  • A better understanding of self and emotional growth
  • Feeling stuck in repeated patterns or decisions that aren’t serving you
  • Dealing with stress in effective, empowering ways
  • Difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Tendencies toward depression, anxiety or disordered eating
  • Understanding unconscious motivations (a.k.a. “Why am I like this?”) that influence thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Strengthening the relationship you have with yourself and others
  • Mindfully creating the future you’d like to experience
  • Developing feelings of hope 
  • Inability or lack of desire to connect with others or social anxiety
  • Building a toolbox of techniques for coping and regulating 


Healing isn’t cookie cutter, but Psychodynamic Psychotherapy provides an evidence-based, productive framework for growth and positive change.

  1. At Bliss, we believe your counselling should be as unique as you are. We’ll begin by getting you matched with the perfect therapist for you and your partner(s). 
  2. Then, you’ll get started with your initial session. During this appointment (virtual or in-person, your pick), you’ll connect with your therapist and share your current situation, what you’re currently struggling with and where you’d like to grow.
  3. From here, you and your therapist dive deeper into identifying patterns, understanding emotions, and improving relationships – both with yourself and others. After each session, you’ll leave with a better understanding of and compassion for yourself, as well as a more robust toolkit to express yourself in healthy ways and build a mindful future. 


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is scientifically proven to work and have long-lasting benefits. If you’re curious about learning more or eager to get started, we’re here and ready to help.

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